Cnc Brick Binder


ASIAN-BOND Brick binder is a paste which is mainly used for the purpose of binding blocks together in the process of construction it is also used to fill the gaps between bricks. ASIAN-BOND BRICK BINDER is also used to bind the stone, cinder and masonry blocks etc. When mortar is applied between blocks to bind them, when it gets dries it results a rigid structure. It is mainly a mixture which contains sand, lime or cement mix together finely with water to make a thin paste. When applied it gives a high binding properties in between bricks.


  1. Superior bond strength.
  2. High shear strength.
  3. High tensile strength.
  4. Fast and Easy use.
  5. Quick set.
  6. Economical.
  7. Professional Finish.
  8. Flexible.


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