Waterproofing Compound


A cement based waterproofing compound that chemically reacts with moist cement based substrates. Our product forms insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the substrate permanently waterproofing the surface yet still allowing the surface to breathe. USES Waterproofing of cement based surfaces, i.e., cement block, cement render and concrete floors. Walls and floors of domestic, commercial and civil constructions, foundation walls, structural floors and walls of industrial buildings, concrete block walls in warehouses and domestic constructions, swimming pools, storage tanks, tunnels and dams, waterproof barrier between base floor slabs and concrete toppings.


  1. Our product penetrates into and becomes a permanent integral part of the surface; therefore it cannot peel or blister off as do normal coatings.
  2. Our product will not tear or puncture and does not have to be protected from back fill.
  3. Our product being a cement based material has an expansion and contraction the same as the cement surface to which it is applied.
  4. Can be used with all types of cement.
  5. Does not affect the setting time and strength.


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