Super Plasticizer For RMC (READY MIX CONCRETE)


Asian Bond Super Plasticizer is a high range water reducer and superplasticizer concrete admixture that improves the workability of the concrete and / or helps to reach the same workability with lower water content resulting in significantly improved strengths. It also helps to improve the slump retaining properties of concrete. Asian Bond Super Plasticizer produces a concrete with lower water content, longer slump life, greater plasticity and higher strength. As a result of those improvements it enables to produce less permeable and more durable concrete. It can be used with a wide range of dosage rates. Asian Bond Super Plasticizer does not contain added calcium chloride. It conforms to the requirement of TS EN 934-2


  1. Asian Bond Super Plasticizer allows concrete to be produced for below applications
  2. High quality concrete for durable structures.
  3. Ready mixed concrete production and job site plants.
  4. Bridge deck slabs.
  5. Foundations, ceilings, beams and columns.
  6. Blast furnace slag, silica fume concrete.
  7. In the production of concrete with easy placement.
  8. Normal and special types of concrete and reinforced concrete.

  1. Improves workability of the concrete.
  2. Decreases risk of segregation.
  3. Extends the casting and placingtime of concrete.
  4. Asian Bond Super Plasticizer is chloride free.
  5. Improves strengths.
  6. Improved cohesion.
  7. It permits a high reduction in the water content of the concrete.
  8. Helps to improve slump life of concrete.
  9. Increased durability

  1. Ready mixed concrete production (with or without pump).
  2. Hot weather concreting.
  3. Long distance concrete transportation. Production of various types of concrete such as reinforced, unreinforced, light or heavy concrete.
  4. Mass concrete and roller compacted concrete application.

Asian Bond Super Plasticizer is available in bulk, 20-250 KG are available in plastic containers.


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