A ideal wall putty is judged and chosen based on some essential qualities like durability, bonding, finish, coverage, water resistance, ease in application and pricing. ASIAN BOND putty, with its intrinsic characteristics of strong binding with building surfaces, smooth finish, extensive coverage, superior refractive index, non hydroscopic composition, paint friendly nature, simple & facile application procedures and competitive pricing stands second to none.

1.    Prevents flaking
2.    Prevents the growth of algae and fungi
3.    Resists dampness on painted surface
4.    Applicable on moist surfaces
5.    Effectively reduces the consumption of paints
6.    Accepts any kind of paint or distemper application on it
7.    Possesses anti-carbonation property


•    Ideal for finishing and decorating exterior and interior walls of all kinds
•     It's perfect for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theaters, exhibition halls, flyover walls etc.
•     Can be used on repainting (after removing the existing paint and base coat) as well as freshly painted ones

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