Concrete Harder Cum Curing Compound KP-XXF(SUPER)


This concrete hardener is used to harden the cement fly-ash bricks/tiles while production. It is added in raw material to fasten the speed of production and good surface finish. An admixture such as calcium chloride, sodium chloride, or sodium hydroxide that hastens or decreases the hydration rate of cementing material; the concrete takes less time to set and has earlier higher strength. Concrete hardener is a proprietary, water-based, ready-to-use, clear silicate liquid, formulated with chemically reactive raw materials to harden and dust proof concrete. This waterborne solution, when properly applied, offers substantial improvement in abrasion and chemical resistance and will significantly improve the durability of the concrete surface when compared to untreated concrete. As it is applied and penetrates into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place, producing a byproduct that fills in the pores of the concrete. This process produces a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanced durability. In addition to the densifying and hardening action, it also solidifies the concrete, eliminating dusting and pitting.


  1. Penetrates deeply into concrete to densify and harden surfaces to help prevent entry of moisture and other foreign matter.
  2. Dustproof and improves chemical, petroleum, and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.
  3. Provides a permanent, attractive sheen with the ability to polish.
  4. Protects against scratching or peeling.
  5. Provides tough, protected surface that won’t after-yellow, discolor, or show pedestrian or vehicular traffic wear marks.
  6. Improves light reflectance.
  7. Ready to use from container and easy to apply.


   Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Piece
   Physical State:        Liquid
   Usage:        Construction, Industrial, Laboratory
   Packaging Size    250 kg
   Packaging Type:        Drum


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