Special Polish For Paver Blocks With Mirror Finish


We are manufacturer of Lacquer or Concrete Lacquer are basically coating which are high acrylic solids and it is very crystal cleared. This product is mainly used of beautifying and protecting the surfaces of tile, masonry and concrete. All the mentioned surfaces need a fine finish concrete lacquer gives it to them. The lacquer actually protects the floors of garage and drives its oil stains away. It eliminates the freezing & dusting thaw problems of concrete. It also helps to protect the barbeque areas and patio from the grease stain of food etc. It is superior for stain resistance, abrasion resistance and sunlight resistance qualities.


  1. Seals out the stains
  2. Impart glossy shine
  3. Durable
  4. Mirror Finish.

  1. Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Litre(s)


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